Manage your Climate Risks

Understand, mitigate and disclose your physical climate risks to make better strategic and financial decisions


In a world with intensifying climate change impact, corporates need to focus on their climate-related risks and opportunities. It has become an essential part of information that is critical for strategic decision making.

PlanitWise assists corporates to align their strategy and practise with a society that transitions to a more sustainable economy and aims to keep the global temperature rise at 1,5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. Yet, even with 1,5°C of global warming, the world will face severe climate impacts.

These physical effects of global warming, resulting from extreme weather events and shifts in climate patterns, can cause signfiicant problems varying from more complicated operations to disrupted supply chains, and from damaged physical assets to changing markets. To manage these climate related risks, PlanitWise provides company-specific forward-looking scenario-based assessments and assists in incorporating this analysis in the company’s climated related disclosures according to the latest standards, guidelines and/or legal requirements.

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Our demo reports

The three components of risks used by the IPCC – vulnerability, hazard and exposure – are company specific as every company is unique. Therefore, the climate-related risks a company is exposed to can widely vary. However, some similarities exist in the climate risks analysis, mainly amongst companies active in the same (sub)sector. To get an idea of our physical climate risks assessment, and its different aspects, explore our sector specific demo reports.