About us​

established in 2022

PlanitWise was founded in 2022 to bridge the gap between the rapidly advancing progress in climate science in the academic world and the private sector that can profit from these newly acquired insights. Companies need these new insights to take informed strategical and financial decisions about the future of the business. A more robust climate risk analysis is therefore essential.

At Planitwise, we combine in-depth knowledge about climate science with robust (geographic) data skills. With experience in the private sector in climate and data related positions, we understand the complexities of climate related discussions within companies. We therefore provide a climate risk analysis that is unbiased and data-driven, and not influenced by any other goal except to help the company understand its climate related risks.

We provide our services to companies of all different sizes in the European Union and the United Kingdom.


To help the private sector understand and mitigate the risks related to physical effects of climate change. To do so in a transparent, unbiased and data-driven way, using scientific models and scenarios.


To replace the emotion-driven approach by a data-driven approach in the quest to finding a robust, sustainable solution for the planet and its people in the face of climate change and global warming.


  • Pragmatic
  • Data-driven
  • Unbiased
  • No nonsense